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October 14, 2010

accents around the house to cheer you up

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on a moody day it’s good to have little accents around the house to cheer you up……
when i left the gym (!!) this morning i saw these hibiscus blooms (this is california!) smiling at me, and couldn’t resist to take one home with me……

this is a yellow “filled” hibiscus……. they only last for a couple of days…… what a show though…….

the skirt of the little ballet dancer goes perfectly with the puffy skirt of the hibiscus, no??


September 28, 2010

wallpapers and magdalena’s flowers

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look at these charming wallpaper suggestions from apartment therapy.

my favorites are the ones from trove which are more playful and the chinoiserie and textile papers from fromental which will certainly give a rich look……

both will be perfect to go with magdalena’s flowers……..

February 11, 2010

flowers should be like show girls

again and again i am inspired by dita von teese………. i’ve met her personally in december and was so impressed with her……. how can she be all glamorous and down to earth at the same time…… and soft spoken, accessible and smart as well……. AND she has three dachshunds and 4 cats.

for sure she is a woman to my liking. always inspired by her. ¬†she writes “the showgirl sells magic”. and “decadence is the art of showmanship”. do those quotes remind you of my flowers?? i hope so, cause i want my flowers to be like showgirls…… sensual, classy, aware of their own beauty and generous……

which brings me to valentine’s……. my flowers will be like showgirls…… sensual and flawless……. there to be admired……. i’m not going to send out roses though….. contrary to popular belief those are NOT the flowers you want to send to your sweetheart. since the whole world is ordering them they tend to be like paper money during an inflation. poor quality, inflated prizes and no staying power.

go with show girly orchids instead. that’s what dita would recommend. and magdalena’s. they will take your and your loved one’s breath away.

see for mouthwatering examples.

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