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December 13, 2010


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in my opinion there is no celebration without CHAMPAGNE, FLOWERS and FOOD……..


and here  are some examples of FESTIVE HOLIDAY TABLE DECORATIONS…….

this is how GLAMOROUS and MODERN CHINA MUMS can look……

here at the home of PAMELA SKAIST LEVY, co-founder of JUICY COUTURE, and one of my favorite clients.

CHINA MUMS are one of her favorite flowers….. and they look so GLAMOROUS at her house, accented with WHITE PUMPKINS for THANKSGIVING.

red “freedom” roses, ready for thanksgiving

antique damask linens, red “freedom roses” and eclectic china are ready to celebrate thanksgiving.


March 30, 2010

it doesn’t matter if you celebrate PASSOVER, EASTER or BUDDHA’S BIRTHDAY

just make sure you have some spring flowers in the house!!!!!!!!!!

like fragrant narcissus……

or the very seasonal easter lilies…… so elegant…….. my mother had a “waterfall” of them for her bridal bouquet…….

December 3, 2009

deck the halls!

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so yesterday’s flower market downtown LA was unbelievable…… i literally jumped up and down with joy……. i expected the market to be weak after thanksgiving, but by yesterday it presented itself at it’s best……. all the good (and sometimes boring) holiday stuff was there, at it’s finest……. won’t name any names, but one wholesaler in particular had outdone himself…… lucky for me i had to do a house for a holiday party, and i know i seriously overspent, but i just couldn’t help myself……. everything was just so freaking beautiful….. the materials that i’m going to name now might sound all a bit boring, but believe me, when the quality is spectacular, you know why these materials symbolize the holidays……

so, i arranged lots of outstanding quality dark red ‘liberty’ amaryllis (which i usually don’t care for) with picture perfect magnolia tips, their glossy surface and velvety brown underbelly alone reading like warmth, luxury and festiveness……

and of course lots of noble fir, cedar ( a MUST for the fragrance it lends to the house!! ) together with seeded eucalyptus and silver brunia (form south africa??) for ornamentation…… it always trips me out when i see in semi professional publications everything with a “needle” on it called “pine” regardless, if it’s fir, pine, cedar, juniper or whatever…… get your holiday greens straight people!!

and yes, also threw in there some ilex berries, which usually costs an arm and a leg, for what?? but when it’s short, and loaded with hundreds of juicy berries, it’s good………

and last not least: “bowl of cream” peonies from new zealand, AAA quality…….. ah, the luxurious, richer than thou, “you wanna see how many petals i have, here look, i got thousands of them” – quality makes up for the fortune they cost…….

"bowl of cream" peonies from new zealand


ah, nothing like the holidays!!!! deck the halls people!!

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