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May 22, 2011

let spring in!!

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dutch green hyrdrangea on a bathroom mantle

imported hydrangea is $$$ and worth it……. it lasts so much longer and also drys beautifully……..

curly willow sprouting young leaves

curly willow on the other hand is not expensive and a favorite stand-by for antique urns.

you can leave the branches in water for weeks and they’ll do their thing…… sprouting fresh leaves and little roots, so they can be planted as well.

look how the fresh greens bring in the outdoors!!!!!

pictures taken by carl john sandgren for at the lovely home of gela nash taylor


May 20, 2010

wish you could smell these

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look what i found at the los angeles downtown flower market yesterday……..

super fragrant sweet peas from california

those local sweet peas were a feast for the senses……..

breathtaking fragrance, strong shades of watercolor lavenders and vigorous strength……. nothing dainty about those sweet peas…….

i bought the whole lot in these shades off the vendor……. and that’s what i sent out for orders that day……… and people were pretty much overjoyed to see and receive such abundant, seasonal preciousness……

May 17, 2010

the last of SPRING being kissed GOOD BYE by the first of SUMMER

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right now is that precious time when the best of SPRING FLOWERS and the first of SUMMER FLOWERS meet……

dutch hydrangea and freedom roses

filled lilac from oregon and fritillaria

local parrot tulips, super fragrant hyacinths and grape hyacinths

enjoy this precious meeting of the seasons…….. the last of spring being kissed good bye by the first of summer……

April 27, 2010

PINK TULIPS on a moody day in LOS ANGELES

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on a moody day like this, only sweet and playful flowers can cheer me up…….


in seasons past, i did not care for tulips all that much……. the imported dutch tulips tend to be weak, sometimes moldy…….
these local beauties though are STRONG and PLAYFUL at the same time……. perfect to play with the other PRETTY THINGS on my mantle……

April 26, 2010

LILAC is in the air

it is in FULL BLOOM and really GOOD QUALITY right now……

don’t miss out on this FRAGRANT shrub, in bloom only ONCE A YEAR……  

in WHITE and various shades of PURPLE  and LILAC (hence the name of the color!!) and perfect for MOTHER’S DAY

LILAC reminds people of their CHILDHOOD GARDENS on the EAST COAST, of EUROPE and SPRING ……

it also reminds me of IMPRESSIONISTIC STILL LIFES….. like this one, lilac in a glass by edouard manet….

so bring LILAC home…….. or let me bring it home for you…….


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