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June 22, 2011

“color blind” by adam silverman and heath ceramics

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if you are in LOS ANGELES check out the HEATH CERAMICS store on beverly blvd. if you haven’t done so already.

“handcrafting tile and tableware since 1948” in sausalito and los angeles.

i  adore their VASES, their ORGANIC SHAPES and their GLAZE, so SENSUOUS and SOFT to the TOUCH.

several of their pale blue vases are at my home and apparently their tableware is indestructible in restaurants like CHEZ PANISSE.

this week, thursday 6/23/2011 ADAM SILVERMAN is presenting his new collection called COLOR BLIND  at the LA STORE.

his work is known for it’s “moonscape” glaze …… gorgeous pieces of pottery art.

for more info see


May 22, 2011

let spring in!!

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dutch green hyrdrangea on a bathroom mantle

imported hydrangea is $$$ and worth it……. it lasts so much longer and also drys beautifully……..

curly willow sprouting young leaves

curly willow on the other hand is not expensive and a favorite stand-by for antique urns.

you can leave the branches in water for weeks and they’ll do their thing…… sprouting fresh leaves and little roots, so they can be planted as well.

look how the fresh greens bring in the outdoors!!!!!

pictures taken by carl john sandgren for at the lovely home of gela nash taylor

February 21, 2011


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this post by coco+kelly appeared a while back……. wanted to share it anyway, cause it showcases the charm of red as an accent color so well.

and because those roses were arranged by magdalena’s flowers for pamela skaist levy’s atelier, a place where fashion magic happens…..

it can be quite challenging to wear a red dress or to hang out in a room with red wallpaper…….

red as an accent color is pretty perfect on the other hand…… think red lips or red nail polish on a woman dressed in black, browns, or an amazing green or turquoise…… this is the effect of red flowers on a room…….

i personally love to have red roses or red carnations for table decorations and parties.

so feminine, so strong, so look at me, i’m here to celebrate.

December 13, 2010


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in my opinion there is no celebration without CHAMPAGNE, FLOWERS and FOOD……..


and here  are some examples of FESTIVE HOLIDAY TABLE DECORATIONS…….

this is how GLAMOROUS and MODERN CHINA MUMS can look……

here at the home of PAMELA SKAIST LEVY, co-founder of JUICY COUTURE, and one of my favorite clients.

CHINA MUMS are one of her favorite flowers….. and they look so GLAMOROUS at her house, accented with WHITE PUMPKINS for THANKSGIVING.

red “freedom” roses, ready for thanksgiving

antique damask linens, red “freedom roses” and eclectic china are ready to celebrate thanksgiving.

October 21, 2010

i adore these…….

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Jonathan Adler Utopia Man/woman Menorah in Holiday 2010

October 15, 2010

no money, no problem

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what do you mean “no money, no problem”???????

you have at least one pretty vase, pitcher, cup or drinking glass, no?

sometimes “vases” from the kitchen make amazing vessels to present greens or flowers!!!!!!!!!!

and then take a little stroll through your yard, neighborhood or park…… i’m sure you can find some leaves, branches or a couple of blooms….. and voilà, you have a little floral accent in your house which will brighten your and everybody else’s spirit……

October 14, 2010

accents around the house to cheer you up

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on a moody day it’s good to have little accents around the house to cheer you up……
when i left the gym (!!) this morning i saw these hibiscus blooms (this is california!) smiling at me, and couldn’t resist to take one home with me……

this is a yellow “filled” hibiscus……. they only last for a couple of days…… what a show though…….

the skirt of the little ballet dancer goes perfectly with the puffy skirt of the hibiscus, no??

September 28, 2010

wallpapers and magdalena’s flowers

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look at these charming wallpaper suggestions from apartment therapy.

my favorites are the ones from trove which are more playful and the chinoiserie and textile papers from fromental which will certainly give a rich look……

both will be perfect to go with magdalena’s flowers……..

June 4, 2010

pretty little things – how can you resist them?

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SUMMER is officially here and so are summer flowers……..


of course there are orchids which are mass produced, and you can buy them at every super market.

and there are orchids from this korean grower,  grown to perfection with patience and love……..  

and he comes up with new little hybrids all the time…… and to my surprise they last cut up to 2 weeks!!!!

and then…… DAHLIAS…….. such a summer party flower………. i could not resist and had to combine them with these breath taking

water lilies, peonies from oregon and lavender…….. a bowl of summer abundance…….

and then, short and compact DELPHINIUM, grown expertly by james hatano, a 3rd generation japanese american grower in his 80s…..

the last grower in palos verdes, recently featured on page one in the LA TIMES.

anyway, i cannot resist those summer beauties……… and neither should you……..


May 22, 2010


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